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Frequently Asked Questions About Website Design

Last updated:  05/01/13


It's easy to get started on your website. Here are some common questions, answers and guidelines to keep in mind while we work together.
If you have any other questions, just email me!



What do I need to get started?


  • Your farm/business name

  • Your color scheme (if you have one)

  • Your slogan or motto.  I will work with you to obtain a unique domain name.


What information do you need?


  • A brief write-up about your farm/business

  • Your photos with information associated with each photo

  • How you want your site set up, i.e, what pages do you want?  Typical pages for a breeding farm would be:  Home, About Us, Stallions, Mares, Foals, Horses For Sale, Fun Photos, etc.


How long will it take before my website is on-line?


  • It takes just over 24 hours to activate your domain name and hosting, but depending on how complex your data is, it could take up to two weeks before it is available for viewing.  Generally, however, I can have something for you to look at within two-three days.


Will my website have any of those annoying pop-up ads or banners from advertisers?

No!  Your website will have NONE of those annoyances unless you want them!

How long will it take for my website to be seen by the search engines?

It takes approximately six weeks for the search engines to pick up your website.  They re-index every few weeks therefore, your site will not be ranked the same in every search engine every time.

Tips for Sending Information


  • If you are sending photos via email, please send  pictures for one horse or item in separate emails and put the information that pertains to that animal/item in the same email so I won't get anything mixed up.

  • Please do not send me eight pictures of one animal/item and ask ME to pick out the best picture.  These are your animals/items and you need to be the one to decide which pictures portray your animal/item in its best light.

  • If you are sending a CD or disk of photos, tell me the name of the file you want me to use and where--don't make me sort through the entire CD and try to guess which photo you want me to use by saying, for example,  "it's the one with the horse trotting and the dog sitting there."  A sample file name would be DSC0019.jpg or toby-new.jpg .

  • Since we are all not on high-speed internet connections, most photos need to be between 50-150KB in size.  Digital cameras today can take photos with high resolution and be well over 8 megabytes in size (many times the required size!).  All photos larger than 200K will be resized for quicker loading on your site.

  • Always remember to tell me on which page you want your information and/or photo(s) to appear.

  • If you are sending photos through regular mail, do not paperclip your pictures to the sheet of paper with information about the animal/item.  Paperclips leave grooves in the pictures, which scanners pick up.  Write the name of the animal/item on the back of the photo (with a fine-tipped permanent marker, like a Sharpie--don't use ball-point pens or felt-tip markers as the ink will bleed or smear onto any other photos you may be sending) or put the information to identify the photo on a post-it note and stick it to the back of the photo.

  • Please DO NOT send photo copies or printed versions of pictures you have on your computer.  These turn out very fuzzy and blurry when rescanned.  Please either send a copy of the computer file attached to an email or send original photos (which will be returned to you as soon as possible--please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for their return).

  • If you want to use a photo that is copyrighted, please be sure you have permission from the photographer to use the photo.

  • Photo enhancements are done at the hourly rate of $50 per hour.*

Updates to your Website

  • If you are sending updates to your website, send it in a format such as this with each item separated into paragraphs:

Sales Page--Please change price on Bingo from $2,500 to $3,500

Foals Page--Please add new foal (filly) born 3-11-07, sire: Tango, dam: Lady.
  Photos attached.  Include any other information you want for this item.

  • Be sure you don't use nicknames for any animal that isn't already on your website or I won't know who it is.

  • Make sure your information is legible and easy to decipher.  Remember, you may know exactly what you mean, but it is all new to me :)

  • The more you update, the more people will look and come back to visit.  There is nothing more maddening to go to a website that has not been updated for one or two years.  I do my best to present your information in its best possible light, but I do not make up things to put on your website--it is up to you to give me the information.

  • If you want your photos returned to you, whether CD or prints, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with appropriate postage.


Custom design work is additional and will be billed at $50 per hour.
*Photo enhancements include cropping, custom edges, removal of objects, color enhancements, photo collages.
**Updates are done at least monthly, but I usually do them as soon as I receive them.
The term "updates" means changes such as marking an animal as sold, change of price/rates, adding pictures/information or minimal design/layout changes.  It does NOT mean a complete re-design and layout of your website. If you wish to re-design the site after it is complete, the $50 hourly rate applies.  

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